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I've just got home from the pub, where we went after work, and I'm… - MaKaeruKai
The Realm of MaKaeru
I've just got home from the pub, where we went after work, and I'm nicely tipsy. Off only two bourbon and cokes and one bundeburg and coke (can form). Such a cheap drunk today.

I worked eight hours at the Sydney Convention and Exhibiton centre, and it was fun. I spent most of the day up in the gantry (ie the roof), and because of my limited physical stature (ie I'm short) I didn't have to duck my head as much as everyone else did. And Sos from Chameleon was there, and he's fucking AWESOME.

If anyone's watching the NRL grand finals, I spent Friday doing the lights for it. And please tell me if the stage worked, because it was fucked last time I saw it. It's really amusing watching grown men being anal about gluing gold shiny stuff down. And that giant trophy replica thing is fuggers. I thought perhaps seeing the statue men lying down on the concrete made them more unnatractive, but standing up...they were even worse. And they looked like they were going to make out.

Speaking of making out...I'm at the I-want-a-girl stage of tipsy.

feeling: drunk drunk
hearing: kylie: Love Affair

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renrui From: renrui Date: 1st October 2006 12:47 (UTC) (Link)
aggg wake up!!
lobsterbelle From: lobsterbelle Date: 1st October 2006 22:24 (UTC) (Link)
I only saw about three seconds of it, but that trophy looked hideous.
2 nybbles / byte me?