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The Realm of MaKaeru
I'm watching KinKi Kids Dars CMs on YouTube, which is making me emo because they're clearly OTP, and I'm still yet to find anywhere in Sydney that sells Dars. And it's my favouritist chocolate.

I watched the Fantastipo PV on youtube. It's so awesome. I'm fangirling Dots a lot right now.

Oh, and we saw the most awesome thing ever on TV. It was called Australiana, and it was making all these word plays on Australian place names and animals and so forth.


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hearing: Fall Out Boy: Sugar, we're going down

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I'm this close to going on another search for Skull-chan. Thus far all I've found in the $500-odd dollars worth of magazines I own is a slight shadow because his hand was side-on to the camera and he wasn't wearing his glove.

I got rather sloshed last night. There was a bottle of Reisling, a bottle of Chardonnay, and a bottle of bubbles, and none left by the end of the night - Dad, Glenda and I drunk it all. I had one glass of the reisling, three of the chardonnay, and 2 of the bubbles. And they were big glasses.

I really have to clean my bathroom.

Now Dad's arguing with me over tauroids in space, and what would happen if you threw a ball backwards. I think he's wrong, but then I always think he's wrong when we get into arguements over space and/or quantum physics.


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I am le bored.

But so awesome on the train coming home. At about Springwood, this group of three English backpackers asked me to jump in a photo with them. One of the guys put his arm around me and commented on how well we tesselated asdfghjkl!

They were staying inn Katoomba for the weekend, so I told them some good stuff to do in the mountains, like Echo Point, Wentworth falls, and Leura Mall. And I happened to be listening to Girls Aloud before I joined them, and tesselate-guy flipped out because he's a massive Girls Aloud fan. He made me pinky promise to buy their second album.

Ai, when are you coming up?

Nat, I miss talking to you. I haven't spoken to you in ages.

My ankle hurts. I shouldn't sit cross-legged.

I'm going to go watch Dwarf now.


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Happy Birthday Haruka for yesterday, even though I emailed you yesterday and there's almost no chance of you reading this and you don't speak English that well anyway. I miss you, Okamotchan. Your romanji is impossible to read though (ie sizyaxtuta = shijatta). But I love you.

Oh, and I made a doll.
elouai's doll maker 3


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The computer has just eaten my Garbage CD. I want to smack it. And it's Garbage v2.0, so it had Medication on it, which is my theme song at the moment.

What's the last thing I copied to clipboard? http://www.clockaudio.com/microphone-audio-products/acatalog/CA900_RF.html
That's right, I was looking at the clock audio website because they make fucking nice mics. My Dad has two of these.

I booked a session with the counsellor. June 8, 10am. Dad actually thinks I may need to be put on some form of medication now. Or see a psychiatrist. Anyways, I'll tell more of that after I've gone.

*shakes fist at computer*
*smacks it a bit*
*hits eject button*
*nothing happens*
*gets even more pissed off*


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Dad's going to wake me up early tomorrow. So I can call the counsellor and book an appointment. Cos, you know, I've only been putting it off for the past 2 months or so.

On a lighter note, my arms have almost entirely healed from the last time I attacked them, and I can wear short sleeves again without my parents thinking I have any new scars.

On an actually truly non-depressing note, look at these. I know they're not the exact same model, but they're the closest I could find on the official website. That link is to the 5000 series, which has the LCD display, horizontal logo below that, and the same end as the Spirits!! mics. But the 3000 series is black and has the same head as the Spirits mics. Also the 3000 series says that is has a maximum sound pressure level of 156dB, which supports my theory that when Ohkura starts drumming from Naniwa Irohabushi, the taiko is being miced by a vocal mic. Well, condenser mic, really, but still. Jet engines are 140dB, and I doubt the drum would peak that high anyway. Besides, these mics aren't omnidirectional, so they wouldn't be picking it up directly anyway.

So anyway, I'm wondering if there's a mystical 4000 series that combines the listed qualities of each the 3000- and 5000-series to create the Johnny's concert mics (I've seen NewS use the same ones), or whether Johnny actually put in a custom order (entirely plausible). I mean the end sticky-outy-thing is removable to replace the battery (9V), so the coloured bands could be integrated into the design. I've never seen pastel blue leccy (electrical tape). Oh, and I noticed in Excite, their surnames are written in black on white leccy tape wrapped around the mic.

Okay, now onto lights, which are far easier. Most of the stage is lit by Par 56"s, and then there's a few of these babies. Smap also use them when they sing at the end of SMAPxSMAP. They have about a dozen, and there's probably about a dozen at Spirits too. And a few in Excite. Now, the fun bit: these are worth about $6500au each. And while I can't actually find an Australian retailer for the 5000 series, at a rough guess I'd say the mics cost just over $1000au each. Possibly up to $1500. Dad was showing me Martin speakers (not to be confused with Martin lighting - their brand of speakers is Mach) that ranged from $7000au each to $27000au each.

</AV geek>

I want to work as a gaffer. Really I do. All the above is stuff I haven't set out to learn, but have just picked up along the way.


PS: Listen to this song if you can.

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It's quarter past two. I should sleep.

Apples went to sleep three hours ago, and I've been online since waiting for her to stalk me.

Kring, Nat, I love you.

*steals Maru from Circle-girl while she's not here, and Ryo and DB off Snowcone*

Heeheehee E-S.

*waves at Thetan*

No, I'm not drunk. Just tired.

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Alright, I still don't have broadband at home, and with my new addiction to Eight Sins, it's time, unfortunately, to prune my flist down a bit. I just can't read it all.

There's quite a few of you that friended me for my fiction, or viceversa, but that's all over at demonfrog now. So if you would rather read smut than me angsting about my life, it may be time for our journals to part ways.

Naturally there are quite a few of you out there that I would never dream of defriending, because I love you too much.

Anyways, if you want to stay on my flist, tell me. If you want to leave, tell me too. Or just say nothing.


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I wish bitter lemon came in 1.25L bottles, because I've just finished my 315mL glass bottle of quinine-enriched goodness and I want more, but I only have one bottle left, and this stuff is expensive. But so freaking good.

I have Trivia tomorrow so I should write questions now so I can print them off, but the internet is so annoyingly slow, so I'll probably handwrite them tomorrow.

I just dyed my hair "Hot Chilli". Pictures will follow.

Oh, and we now suspect my ankle is fractured, because it's been nearly 5 weeks since I hurt it, and it's still swollen and painful. So I'll just bandage it again tomorrow.

The dull pain in the pit of my stomach is either hunger or period pain. But I've eaten twice as much food today as I normally do, so it shouldn't be that. I guess I'll take two more nurofen and crash. Or watch NINxNIN, like I've been wanting to for the past few days.



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Well, last weekend I was operating (ie controlling the sound) at a wedding for some people from Channel V. There were heaps of people there that I vaguely recognised from TV, but I don't really pay that much attention to that. The one guy I did flail over was Myles, the cameraman, who was in the Pimp my Fridge/Pimp my Kite ads on MTV.

The set up for the wedding was amazing. There were 8 TVs in total, scattered throughout the gardens, and a red carpet, and three cameras, and a band (The Beatels), and we worked out that we used about 600-700m of cables (power, mic, speaker, video etc.). Everyone was really impressed with the job I did, and Murray, who was operating the vision, invited us (my father and I) to the Foxtel studios. We're going this Thursday, and I'm hopeful about maybe getting a job there.

I got payed $500 for the weekend, hurrah.

AND Haru asked me out. Yah hot Japanese boyfriend from Keio who is trying to single-handedly create a different image of the Japanese in Australia by being insane, loves jyannis, wants to sing misete kure at karaoke, and lets me call him Frutsu-chan because he has a pink shirt. He calls me banana-chan because Smarbucks gave me a banana caramel frappecino instead of a futsu caramel one.

Nat, Kring, Yao, Veronica, Ai, Tessa, Amber I miss talking to you. My broadband is still hiding, but we have dial-up now. BLEGH.

I should probably stop starving myself. Intentionally.

And I should do a flist prune sometime.


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Yes, the internet at home is still broken.

And because I haven't checked my flist in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages feel free to spam me with anything exciting that may or may not have happened.

Kring, I love you.

God, if you reply, maybe we could go to a Chaser filming together.

Oh, and if anyone's written some good smut lately, feel free to link me.


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My internet at home is broken.

I pulled all the ligaments in my ankle.

I haven't eaten today.

Mystical is an awesome song.


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FTO is awesome.

The actual song FTO makes me want to form a drunken conga line with everyone waving mugs of beer and/or takoyaki.

But can someone tell me what order they sing in? I can pick Yoko, Ryo and Baru's voices, but the others I'm not as clear on. When I first put the CD on I thought for a second Shingo K was singing. And whoever it was singing the first verse of kanashii koi sounds a fair bit like Kimura.

Incidentally, kanashii koi makes me want to tango, even though I don't know how to.

ONE is good, but not quite as pumped as the concert. Like Subaru was cruising through the vocals, and it wasn't until the end that he seemed to start pushing it a little. Maybe that's just a result of polishing though.

The album as a whole seems a little reminscent of some of the old Smap stuff. Which I love. Like 006, where the theme actually has the words "Smap. We're gonna get funky." repeated incessantly.

And is it just me, or is the version of Sukiyanen Osaka the same as the single version? Like, exactly the same. Because the conte timing and everything is identical. Although, I think the album version has a bit more talking in the background. And I swore I heard them say 'Hiro' at the end, amongst all the 'doumo's.

I loved the DVD. Hina seems fairly stressed though. And I loved Subaru introducing the instruments. And how he'd pulled the thing off his guitar so it would be completely black. I want one of those drum things Tacchon uses for practice.

Anyway, I'm off to my other internet haunts now.

EDIT: I forgot to say, I was having one of my dorky days today. I wore my meccha sukiyanen shirt and redid my nails in all eito colours again. My thumbnails are black and somehow I managed to draw a white mugendai on my left thumbnail and write 'eito' in tiny katakana beneath it.


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hearing: K8: FTO

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One: (Pictures of my birthday romp from Friday night.)

Two: Amber, I got your card. You are awesome.

And lastly (this doesn't actually count as an item because I'm not really talking to anyone in particular), hopefully in twelve hours time I will have my copy of FTO.

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How evil are you?

OMG I had such a good day today. It was the barbeque for NSA, and so much awesome stuff happened, like
-Haru and I belting out SHAKE
-Haru being generally awesome
-Tatsuya (the Kimura lookalike) singing Happy Birthday (with the line "oh dear tropicana" - I had coloured streaks in my hair, so he thought I looked like a tropical bird)
-Tatsuya telling me that if I even went to Nagoya, just ask anyone if they know Tatsuya and they'll say yes because he's awesome and everyone knows him
-Yuya and I sort of wrestling
-Haru acting like HG
-Yuya and I sneaking up on Toshiya and Yuichi and tickling them
-Haru yelling "Jesus Christ!"
-Tatsuya randomly bursting into song, and making up words
-Tatsuya doing Kimura impersonations, and getting sad when Sarah said she liked Goro better

Incidentally, Yuya's stomach is rock-hard.

Oh, and my copy of FTO was nearly delivered yesterday, except no one was home at 9am to get it off the delivery guy. (T^T)


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My muse for OMG Pi! returned, and Chapter Eight is now up at demonfrog.

I've drafted chapter nine and I'm half-way through ten, which feature Shige and Dots respectively. It kinda scares me when this fic starts to write itself, which is actually the only way it gets written. Anyways, prease to go read/comment/feed my malnourished ego.

And the OhYass fic I've started is now 20 pages long. I think I'll have to ensure I'm home alone when I type it up. Dad was getting annoyed at me for not studying in the hour and a half or so it took me to type up OMG Pi!

I redid my nails yesterday. Somehow I ended up with three Ossans on one hand and KanJimi3 on the other. Oh well. They look nice. I need a better yellow nail polish though.

And I did my sister's toes (I can't do her hands because of school) domino-style, like Koike does his nails sometimes. Max is giving me Oniyome Nikki for my birthday. Yah.

Alright, I'm off to bed to write more OhYass smut. With seme!yassan, for a bit of variety. Night!


hearing: No Doubt: Tragic Kingdom

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You know when you listen to an album you haven't listened to in ages, and start flailing because you'd almost forgotten how much you loved it? I've had that happen to me twice in the past week. First was Beautiful Garbage, and today it was Drink! Smap! freebird nearly had me bopping along on the train. Instead I just mouthed the words along to the entire album.

I'm considering changing my degree. Industrial Chemistry is just...too hard. And I'm not really enjoying it. So I'll stick it out for one more session, then decide whether I want to keep it, or change to Science, major in Chemistry and/or Physics, and do Education on the side. That would give me the options of either becoming a high school science teacher (which was a possibility I seriously considered throughout year 11/12), or I could use the education bit to help me get a job (probably through JET) teaching English in Japan. I think regardless, once I've finished, I will spend some time in Japan teaching.

My birthday present has just been ordered: the K8 calendar & FTO. *flails excitedly*

And this weekend I'm going to a BBQ for NSA. Maybe I can tickle Yuya again. (^oo^)

Supposedly after that I'm going to Dave's place again so Matt and I can get drunk and he can take advantage of me. *shrugs* Let's just wait and see how that pans out.

freebird! freebird!


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Okay, Nat and I had a lovely long conversation yesterday, and now I thought I'd throw it open to the rest of you...

Which of the jyannis do you actually think are gay? Or bi, or whatever. Speculation is fine because, hey! That's all we really can do, but I'm curious. Reasons are encouraged.

First up: Doko. His sheer delight at getting to eat Nagase's banana, the way he's constantly jumping Nagase and MA, and his habit of groping Dots' arse on TV. He bats, bowls and fields for the other team.

Nextly: Tackey. According to Nat, Tackey once claimed in his J-web that he would like to eat semen. And then there's his habit of molesting the juniors. And the way he looks at Tsuba. Let's not even mention the feather boas and sequins.

Maybe: Yassan. K8 generally seem straight, but Yassan really is a girl.

We think Kimi may be bi. I don't think he's outright bent but he certainly loves to flirt with the others. And molest juniors.

Subaru goes on the maybe bi list too. Hanging around Tackey that much must have surely rubbed off on him a little. And the whole thing he has going on with Hina - like the MC in Excite!! and his request that Hina walk around shirtless more, because Baru thinks he looks lovely half-naked.

It's highly unlikely all the boys are straight, just going by statistics alone. Also, they're in the jimusyo for most of their lives, so while they're at that curious age, there's going to be plenty of other curious people around them for them to try with, even if they're not gay. I'm also of the opinion that most of the jyannis will have kissed another boy at some point, whether relatively chastely or resembling the sorts of things I fic.

Now discuss. Please.


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chibifuji, you've had comments disabled for a while now. So, because I can't say this any other way, *HUGS*.

Max had to cook dinner tonight, so I introduced him to Golden Curry. And Calpis Water. And I would have introduced him to Dars, except there wasn't any. YOU LIED, SRAH! YOU LIED! Koichi will be sad now.

I still haven't gone to any lectures, and the Engineering Coordinator still hasn't fixed my enrollment. Oh noes Junnos.

Oh, and Nat and I had some brilliant ideas of what to do with Jin, but I'm not going to type them up. I don't really want to attract the wrath of the Jin fans right now.

Oh, and I listened to the album Beautiful Garbage today. I'd forgotten how much I loved it. Especially the song Parade. Makes me want to go stomp on people.


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hearing: Garbage: Parade

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