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The Realm of MaKaeru

15 March 1986
One photo day at a school in the Blue Mountains, Australia, a bored young girl named Kate drew a large frog on the whiteboard of an almost deserted English classroom. The frog was subsequently attacked with a red pen by Kate's friend Erin, and DemonFrog was born.

But Kate was very interested in the Japanese language, and loved to learn new Kanji so she could plaster them all over the whiteboards in her other classrooms, and it wasn't long before she worked out what passed, to her mind, as the kanji for DemonFrog.

The kanji she chose were 魔蛙, and they read MaKaeru. From that point forth, Kate took on the alter ego MaKaeru, which is the name she usually goes by on the internet.

This is her journal.

(She speaks in 3rd person a lot. No really)

My fic journal can be found over at demonfrog